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Dolce Affeto Patisserie TM

The Dolce Affeto idea was born from a combination of European unique recipes, and the desire to be a part of all the good & happy moments of people’s life.  

Old country in combination with the mind blowing of the uniquely designed Sweet Sensations. 

Homemade Fresh Sweets

The freshest and most authentic ingredients, highest quality, and Innovation.

We are known for our Elegance & Creativity! 

Sweet Sensation

The warm smell of our baking ensures that you and your guests will enjoy a personalized delicatessen. 

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Homemade fresh and uniquely designed sweets deliver direct to your door. Free deliver within 5 miles range.


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Holidays, Birthdays, anniversaries, event celebrations coming up. 

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Coming Events

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Cakes & Desserts Tasting


December 10th - Birthday Cake & Desserts Tasting
River Oaks 3pm - 6 pm

December 16th - Christmas Cake & Desserts Tasting
River Oaks 3pm - 6pm

April 21th - Chocolate And Art Show - Houston 8 pm - 2 am 

May 20th - Italy-America Chamber of Commerce - Italian Pasta Festival - Authentic Italian Table 2018